The Winning Wheels approach to long-term care.

Continuum of Care

The Winning Wheels philosophy is based on the concept that rehabilitation should be both outcome-oriented and measurable. Skilled professionals formulate a total treatment regime based on diagnostic information from a variety of clinical evaluations. A comprehensive range of services, including therapies, address the medical, physical, emotional and social needs of each person served. This holistic approach ensures the best possible outcomes.

Specialists from a variety of disciplines conduct assessments of each person's needs, abilities, resources and residual deficits. Under the direction of a physician specialist, the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team plans and implements an individualized rehabilitation program for each person served. The treatment team continuously reviews each person's condition and progress reports, and modifies the treatment plan accordingly. We consider each team member a vital link in the overall rehabilitation process.

This translates to a unique care approach for each person.

Winning Wheels provides an array of continuous care services and is staffed by rehabilitation professionals and paraprofessionals in a variety of clinical disciplines. Treatment is designed not only to maximize physical and cognitive functioning, but also to guarantee prevention, maintenance and restoration.

Eliminating Barriers to Independent Living

The result is an environment where persons served can discover new potential for independent living.

All of Winning Wheels' resources are concentrated on eliminating barriers to independent living. Experience has proven that ours is a realistic, attainable goal.

That's the Winning Wheels continuum of care.

Communication, consistency and quality care are the hallmarks of Winning Wheels, Inc. As an innovator in the field of rehabilitation, Winning Wheels offers customized programs that satisfy each person's rehabilitation needs.