Winning Wheels Adds Virtual Imaging Therapy

December 15, 2003
On the Cutting-Edge of Rehabilitation Technology

Winning Wheels, Inc. is proud to be among the first health care facilities in the nation, as well as the first specialized long-term care facility, to incorporate the IREX virtual imaging system into our rehabilitation programming.

Virtual imaging applications enhance the therapy experience by immersing residents in a virtual reality world. While in the virtual environment, the resident is motivated by seeing herself/himself engaging in various sports and games. This dramatically improves a residentís focus and compliance to the activity in therapy. IREXís virtual imaging environments promote isolated joint movement, combined joint movements and full body functional movement of both upper and lower extremities. The kinematic data is measured, recorded and reported to therapists, providing documentation and vital information used to assess resident progress and assist in the development of residentsí care plans.

Our varied resident population includes individuals with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and multiple sclerosis. Therapy staff have capitalized on the systemís flexibility and customize content to provide challenging, motivational and therapeutic activities for residents of every ability level, including residents with high-level spinal cord injuries.

A significant result of implementing the IREX system, is that residents who have historically demonstrated low motivation for traditional therapeutic activities have increased their participation and achieved significant therapeutic gains. The IREX system is used both as a primary therapeutic intervention, and to supplement other therapy approaches. The IREX system is a cutting-edge tool which has quickly become an important part of our comprehensive, state-of-the-art therapy program.

Winning Wheels Wins AHCA Quality Award

October 16, 2003
Recognized for Commitment to Excellence

Winning Wheels is one of 65 long-term facilities in 22 states that have won the American Health Care Association's (AHCA) National Quality Award for demonstrating its strong commitment to quality improvement.

"There are many benefits to pursuing the level of excellence this award demands," stated AHCA President and CEO Charles H. Roadman II, M.D., CNA. "In addition to improved quality of life for nursing facility residents, the award demonstrates that systematic, data-driven quality initiatives create better places of employment, more effective management, and more active roles in the surrounding communities. Winners of this prestigious award know that the pursuit of excellence is a continuous journey, and that the journey is as important as the destination."

AHCA's Quality Award is mnodeled after the criteria of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, the nation's premier award recognizing distinguished achievements. AHCA's award exemplifies the very best in long-term care facilities that demonstrate excellence in their efforts to better serve their customers, their staff, and their communities.

Administrator Libby Goodman received the award on behalf of Winning Wheels at the AHCA's Annual Convention and Exposition held in San Diego on October 12-15, 2003.

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