Winning Wheels Winter Swimmers

Winter 2006

“I used to go swimming every day at a pool a couple blocks from my house, but I’m 24 now and haven’t been in a pool since I was 15. When they told me I was going to go swimming, I didn’t even have a bathing suit, so my sister sent me a new one. When we got there, I was a little nervous, but I got over it. When I got in, I was surprised to find I still remembered how to swim. I actually went under water. The water was lukewarm. There were only a few of us that went so I was lucky to go. I’m signed up to go again in February. It’s something I look forward to.”

-- Kelly, Winning Wheels resident

“I used to be on a swim team and won first place at a state meet in Springfield. I haven’t gone swimming for 6 years. Going with Winning Wheels brought back a lot of old memories, but also showed me how much work I have left to do. It was a reality check for me. I really look forward to going again. I enjoyed exercising in the water. It helps me stay motivated to keep my balance in and outside of the pool.”

–- Kim, Winning Wheels resident

Winning Wheels Adds Fun Activity

Winter 2006

Our newest indoor activity that is very popular with our residents is called Street Ball Shoot Out. Shoot Out is similar to the basketball games you see at fairs and carnivals with smaller balls and a net to catch the balls. The game has a computer that speaks to the player, “Good Shot!”, “Three Points!” or a buzzer goes off to indicate a bad ball. There are also “Home Team” and “Visitor Team” baskets. Staff and residents can team up with each other for friendly competition. This is just another way to avoid “cabin fever” during these frigid days.

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