Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient

Rehabilitation Program


Winning Wheels' Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is a program of coordinated and integrated medical and rehabilitation services that is provided 24 hours per day and endorses the active participation and choice of the persons served throughout the entire program. The persons served, in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team members, identify and address their medical and rehabilitation needs. The individual needs of the persons served drive the appropriate use of the rehabilitation continuum of care, the establishment of predicted outcomes, the provision of care, the composition of the interdisciplinary team, and discharge to their communities of choice. An integrated interdisciplinary team approach is reflected throughout all activities.

The program provides a disclosure statement to each person served that addresses the intensity of care that will be provided. The intensity of care identified in the disclosure statement is based on a preadmission assessment of the person served. This assessment includes information on the person's diagnosis, prognosis, morbidity, co-morbidity, premorbid level of function, support system, mental status, and ability to tolerate the intensity of care.

A Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program clearly identifies the scope and value of the medical and rehabilitation services provided.